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Fury v Wilder 2 – What to learn


Even if you were not a boxing fan, there is no doubt you heard about the highly publicized boxing match up between these two heavyweight boxers. Whether or not you watched the fight is pointless. However, many lessons can be learned from what seemed like a flawless victory for one, and an embarrassing defeat for the other.

British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, also known as the ‘Gypsy King’ showed his dominance against American heavyweight and Alabama born Deontay Wilder on February 22, at the MGM Grand Arena. It didn’t take long for headlines to spring up all over the internet after the fight had ended. Fury had proved himself to be the better fighter in the ring that night, and Wilder had no choice but to admit it.

You may be asking yourself what could have been more commendable other the outcome of the fight. It’s quite obvious. A few months before the fight, there was an interview with BT Sport which featured the two boxers. Both fighters had the chance to trash talk each other, and explain why they would win. Wilder mentioned his belief in alter egos and spirits that would come alive during the fight. But Fury, a bold Christian, spoke about his unshakeable belief in Jesus Christ and his triumph over depression. Fury refused to boast or portray himself as superior, but rather showed humility and was transparent about his troubled past. The interview was touching and made Fury’s win a well-deserved one.

Boxing fans worldwide took their hats off to Fury that night, but anyone aware of the fight can take away an important lesson. Humility will take you a long way, and can be the reason behind your victory.

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