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3 Streetwear Brands Worth Knowing

Featured photo by Janette Beckman/Getty Images

Streetwear is a style of contemporary casual clothing that became popular in the 90s. It draws inspiration from American sportswear, hip-hop culture, Japanese fashion and the 70s. This was an era in which we could begin to see the influence of the alternative fashion choices of the Californian native skateboarders and surfers community.

By the 2000s, even high fashion was moving a bit closer to the street level. Designers all over the world saw a business opportunity and were rushing to keep up with the latest, as street culture began to inform many style trends. The streetwear market is now effortlessly a part of both mainstream and high fashion with celebrities (specifically musicians) and media influencers becoming the most credible figures in streetwear.

As this competitive genre evolved from the fringe into mainstream, many clothing brands rose to prominence over the decades and streetwear now dominates the fashion scene globally. There are a variety of labels that produce simple, yet purposeful and diverse streetwear clothing – allowing their clothes to really speak for themselves. However, I’ve chosen just a few of these brands for you to get to know anyway…

1. Apostle Club


“Saving Sinners Daily”

Focusing on brands that have popped up more recently, we bring to you Apostle Club. Launching officially in 2019, they have already started making a name for themselves. Focusing on reshaping culture, Apostle Club allows you to include your Christ Identity into your everyday looks.

This visionary brand produces clothing that makes a point – loud enough that you get it, but cool enough that you accept it; and the fact that the pieces are affordable is a highlight too.

Now you can rep God and look good while doing it. The Gospel, but then make it fashion >>>>

*insert Tyra Banks meme*.

2. 2True Clothing

“Let the realness transcend in all you do.”

2TRUE (twotrue) is also a relatively new brand, making its official debut in 2018. They follow the story of the alpha wolf – dominating and influencing in their field with creative and bold streetwear. This brands message is all about leadership and owning who you are through the clothes that you wear. They implement the accustomed look of streetwear with their own style; giving their designs a modern look with a unique, bold twist.

They have a series of collections that they have released, with every collection specific and innovative – making casual monochrome clothing work for every season with accessories to match. They’ve also just released their new blackout collection, available now online.

2TRUE is more than just a brand: it’s a personal statement.

3. Forgiven Boutique (FRGVN)

“We like cool things, but we love Jesus more.”

Finally, a team of friends started this last brand: Forgiven Boutique (also stylised as FRGVN) back in 2014.


They had a goal in mind of merging their Christianity with their interests. This idea was used to create clothing that shares a message and sell clothing that they actually enjoy wearing. This brand succeeds in blending all their different passions into their products, creating looks that are simple, yet effective. The founder and CEO, Hector Orama’s inspiring testimony explains why Forgiven Boutique does so well at staying relevant. From selling drugs and always looking over his shoulder – to building a legitimate business allowing him and others to get creative with their faith; it’s literally a dream come true.

Whether new clothes are on your mind or not, I would still recommend taking a wander through their site. From original new and fresh apparel, to older pieces that are more classic and vintage (and sometimes hard to find!) — they have something for everyone. Totally worth the look.

And if you don’t know, now you know!

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