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Se Ok is ‘War Ready’


South African Musician Se Ok recently released the visuals for his track ‘ War Ready’. We caught up with him to explore his thoughts and inspiration behind it.

FG: So, what was the inspiration behind the track? I mean, it’s called War Ready and to be honest, the lyrics do speak for themselves, but what inspired you?

SE OK: So the inspiration behind the track is it’s like a battle cry and like a wake-up call to Christians that we’re currently in a war and they must pick a side, you are either with us or against us! It’s also a reminder to Christians that no matter what no one can successfully stand against the body of Christ. The win has already been written in our favour.

FG: Talk to us about the inspiration behind the music video.

SE OK: So it’s actually not a music video, it’s a lyric video, but just thought I’d add some visuals to make it a bit more dynamic. So really it was just a casual Saturday and my friend Mathlatse just shot it on his phone and I did the edit and added the lyrics.

I was planning to release an actual “Music video for it, however during this whole lockdown period, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on a lot of new music, “finding my sound”, so more than anything i’m looking forward to the new material I have on the way and will most like focus my attention on that”

Interview by Salome Akwukwuma

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