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Testify faith not fears


Part 1 :Reject Fear vehemently

Remember it is completely and utterly out of your nature as a Christian to remain under the control of fear. When you act in this opposing state of being, you open yourself to make more and more mistakes, subsequently this can lead to a crippling inability to act and irrational decision  making .You were however given a spirit of power, self-control and Love, so you are well within your right to reject fear from your life 2 Timothy 1 vs 7. Do so with the full consciousness that Christ, who loves you dearly, has already saved you from all that ails you.  As the nature of the devil is, if you reject it firmly it will flee. The devil will recognise he can no longer use those same old vices to change and alter your life and leave. The devils antics thrive in ignorance.

To step out of ignorance and into wise faith, it is therefore essential to feed your spirit and mind with the right information.  I would therefore say the most important action is habitual contemplation on the word of God and as you read and meditate your faith is stirred. Remembering that “…faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God..” Romans 10 vs 17. There after I would recommend books that guide you in faith and scripture and elucidate God’s thoughts so you can practically carry out the scriptures. These books are  The Power of Your Mind’ ,’Recreating your world ‘ and ‘Don’t stop here’ all by Pastor Chris. They all let you know how to change your imaginative potentials from ones that promote fear to ones that quickly recognise and prevents fear in faith. All through the word of God. Equal if not more important is to actively seek the counsel of our Lord Jesus in prayer and watch him guide you in the fullness of this eternal life.

‘…faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God..’ Romans 10 vs 17

In writing this testimony it was imperative for me not to put emphasis on the cause or the greatness of the fears I overcame, because that lack of focus is what often keeps us in a place of fear. Instead I recognise that regardless of how big the problem is, our God is so much bigger. I am inspired by the psalmist David who wrote ‘…Ye though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil…’ Psalm 23 vs 4 At this point in history, David had already been given the prophecy over his life (by Samuel), that he would be the ruler of Israel. Yet it still wasn’t so, and on top of that the current King Saul was after Davids head

Ye though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil…’ Psalm 23:4


Yet he declared that he “…will fear no evil…”.When we read in the earlier portion of that psalm we recognize why David remained unshaken, His focus was on our Lord God. So instead of allowing the anxiety get to him, he reminds himself that ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall never want’. Himself having been a shepherd, realized the implication of his testimony. That God was to David the protector, the guide the source of nutrient…etc his everything. So at that moment when he searched for ways to describe the security of trusting in God he ascribed the greatest compliment he could think of, SHEPARD.

His revelation had become so personalized because he had wholeheartedly believed in the certainty of God’s word. He had held onto the sure word of God. Now as a vessel of God, one who has been called into eternal fellowship with God, YOU are being told that ‘God has not been given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind (self-control). Hold on to that word and watch it produce what it says. Surely there is nothing too big for our God, you are his infallible light. For it is not by professing our fears that we will overcome, but by our testimony of God’s word Revelation 12 vs 11 even unto death. So seek not to testify your
fears but to testify God’s goodness in his word.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall never want…’ Psalms 23 vs 1

Instructions on being unafraid

I was ready to write a book on overcoming fears,
With chapters on scathing insecurities and
Heartache drenched in misery tears.

I thought about it, and it seemed good to me.

The chapters would tell of self-told poisonous lies,
Times when my faith was tested and
Doubts where rife.
Times when questions were many,
And the truth was out of sight

…But then the reality hit me, and then it didn’t seem so bright.
To dim the supernatural glow of faiths light,
Instead illuminating those things that had brought so much fright,
With no hope of delight.
It just didn’t seem so bright to me.

When all manners of fears, were sacrificed on a wooden pillar,
That old stability filler, my foundation bringer.
Infused with the blood of my saviour Jesus’s supernatural life,
The pillar that gave life to the man inside.
I am unashamedly unafraid.

Instantly alive, I couldn’t hold it anymore,
All fears have been extinguished forever more.
How can I lose my focus, when the one that brought the locusts?
Painted the door of my heart,
With the saviour lambs merciful blood in heavenly art.
I’ve passed over in to his fearless life

You see – Unafraid,
Completely and honestly trusting you.
This is the story I was ready to write for you.
But I didn’t know how.

Now I write about walking unashamedly unafraid.
In the bright light of your truth,
Learning to follow suit,
Shinning your illuminating rays,
Through the darkness of fears treacherous ways.

Completely and honestly trusting you.
This is the story I was ready to write for you.
But I didn’t know how.
Now I do.

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