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BTS talks with Se Ok on ‘Lion of Judah’ Music Video

South African Rapper Se Ok has just blessed us again with a hit ‘Lion of Judah’ featuring UK based Rappers Nos & Fojodivine from GodKind Music. The track was released on all digital platforms on the 4th of July, with a pumping music video accompanying it a couple of weeks later with a premiere on Gospel Hydration. We caught up with him to explore his thoughts and inspiration behind the song and video.

Firstly, whats the message of the song?

The song is simply put a song a praise to Jesus, as the chorus goes he is the Lion of Judah, our saviour and I’m singing hallelujah to him in praise.

All images by Tinotenda Masomera

What was the vision behind this video shoot – what vibe were you guys going for?

The vision behind the video was really to capture the vibe of the song, it’s a high energy song so really wanted a bunch of my friends and family in the video basically giving to the song, Jesus is the Lion of Judah and we are a part of his pride, so wanted to come in squad deep and match the energy of the song.

How was working out development of the music video with the features: Nos & Fojodivine? The main production was in Johannesburg, SA – where were the other parts of the video filmed?

It was very interesting working the logistics of the video considering Nos and Fojodivine are in the UK so for us it was imperative we had dop’s on both sides that were working hand in hand to try capture the same look and feel, Jorghino/J creative did an amazing job keeping the look and feel of the edit consistent between Johannesburg and London.

Why did you decide to make a video for this track?

I decided to shoot a video for this song because I was led to by the Holy Spirit, personally this is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever done and felt it needs some great visuals to accompany it and really take it to the next level.

Well besides this video I’ve only had an official video for my song Get High, which was more of a learning experience more than anything. Coming into this I believe we had a clear vision for what we wanted to achieve even though due to some time constraints we weren’t able to completely achieve that, we came pretty close and the end product is something I think myself and the whole team can be really proud of.

‘ Lion of Judah’ is now streaming on all good platforms where music can found, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Interview Conducted by Salome Akwukwuma

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