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Kanye responds to Pandemic, Police brutality and more with “Wash us in the Blood”

Kanye West has surprised many critics with the release of the critically praised ‘Wash us in the blood’ . A song that expertly deals with the chaos of the recent covid pandemic, police brutality, systemic oppression, and even inborn tensions amongst the black American community. The music video adds to the introspection, by offering a glimpse in to the near apocalyptic future Kanye believes the world is headed towards. Then finally offering his new found Christian understanding, of a sustaining solution in the form of the blood of Jesus.

To illustrate the gravity and urgency of the topic he makes a return to a darker, gory, more sonically busy sound.Many fans will recognise the sound from his Yeezus album, with specific reference to Blood On The Leaves. A sound that gained him many critics but also many fans. Fans he seemed to lose when he made the Gospel Album JIK. It works perfectly here as a agitated backdrop on which he can deliver his message. It also keeps those fans interested in listening to his message, us included. In the long run it may signal a return to old sounding Kanye, providing a new avenue to the get the message of Jesus to a new audience.

He explores his Christianity in this song, by suggesting that the chaos that is being observed is not random or isolated. Instead he believes the problem to be spiritual. He goes further by adding an excerpt of a sermon, that describes the spirit as a lion seeking whom he may devour. This is a definition given in the bible (1 Peter 5 vs 8 ) to describe the devil. The solution heard at the end of the song is the Holy Spirit, who only takes up residence in people when they receive salvation. Is Kanye calling for nation wide evangelism ? We think so.

Having always been outspoken around race and racism in America, Kanye West had many people wondering if that fire had gone especially after his controversial statements around slavery  2 years ago. After he received salvation, it seemed as if he wasn’t commenting on the culture anymore. This is a welcome return to the outspoken Kanye as the world anticipates the new album ‘Gods Country’

All of this makes for an interesting song that will get many people talking. Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts.

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