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Interview With Erupt! Art Competition 2019 Finalists : Ayitu Brown

Erupt is an online competition that engages creatives from all art genres in the mission of bringing to light the plight of street children through the art of storytelling while raising funds for the them through a registration fee. We caught up with a few of the finalists from last year to talk about their experience, craft and why other creatives should take part in the Competition.

What’s your name and where’s you based ?

My name is Enyogu Ayitu Brown, and my Earth location is Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

How would you describe yourself as a creative ? 

I’m a song writer in More Than Words. 

What inspires you as a creative?

 The ability to minister life, build mental structures, and communicate God’s will for mankind means everything to me.

How did you hear about erupt ? 

I heard of erupt from the President of MTW Movement. Sir Christopher Linus.

 Talk to us about your work you submitted for erupt ? 

 I’ve had heart to heart talks with a couple of street children. I hear their dreams and also hear what they don’t say. My work shows the end from the start if nothing is done at all. For example, if the street child doesn’t become a lawyer as he wishes, he’d break laws and end behind bars.. a different call to bar.

Why should creatives take part in erupts competition?

Taking part in this opens up ones mind as well as those  to seeing what needs fixing. It’s another way to meet a need in the society.

How did it feel to be a finalist ?

I was super excited. 

Final words ?

Just a big THANK YOU to the team behind this. They’re the best!

This years competition is themed ‘What about me?’ a call to bring the plight of invisible children across the world to light by:

  • Starting a conversation through art
  • Shedding light on the issues at hand
  • Contributing directly to grassroots impact

To enter the Competition click here.

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