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Interview With Erupt! Art Competition 2019 Finalists : O’Neal Emmanuel

Erupt is an online competition that engages creatives from all art genres in the mission of bringing to light the plight of street children through the art of storytelling while raising funds for the them through a registration fee. We caught up with a few of the finalists from last year to talk about thier experience, craft and why other creatives should take part in the Competition.

What’s your name and where are you based ?

My Name is O’Neal Emmanuel and I’m based in Calabar, in Cross River state, Nigeria.

How would you describe yourself as a creative ?

As a Creative, I’ll describe myself as a narrator unlocking serials of thoughts that brings about action. Everything around me inspires me to create. I draw my inspiration even from the little things of life.

How did you hear about Erupt ?

I actually heard about it from a friend.

Talk to us about your work you submitted for Erupt

My work/submission for Erupt which I captioned Beneath was inspired by my childhood experiences and also growing up to see the street Children who never had the opportunity to have what most people take for granted. I also put myself in their shoes, trying to see through them, as many of them wished they could have an opportunity to be a different version of themselves.

Creative piece by O’Neal Emmanuel

Why should creatives take part in Erupts’ competition?

Many creatives would want to take part in the competition because of the prize involved, but I was thinking, creating art or anything should be a means of transmitting meaning and unlocking series of thoughts in the heart of those who tend to ignore the existence of the street children. Let their taking part in this have an impact.

Well done on being a finalist last year, How did it feel ?

It felt great. Not just because of the prize, but that the judges actually saw the meaning of the art and put it out there as a representation of the Erupt19.

Any final words?

My final words go out to everyone out there – cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. Love shared does not go unrewarded.

This years competition is themed ‘What about me?’ a call to bring the plight of invisible children across the world to light by:

  • Starting a conversation through art
  • Shedding light on the issues at hand
  • Contributing directly to grassroots impact

To enter the Competition click here.

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